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Black Moon Risin - Cult of the Black Moon Risin' - Black Moon Risin' live at Backstage, Munich 23.05.2015

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Lirik Lagu Cult of the Black Moon Risin' - Black Moon Risin' live at Backstage, Munich 23.05.2015 oleh Black Moon Risin :

1. Locust Swarm

There’s a sigh from the barren soil
Dysfunctional ecology
Cycles soon in turmoil
Tomorrow’s promises dies
By an ancient golden deity
Udders one by one dries

Another conscience join to the funeral feast
Another sacrifice thrown to the beast
Hearken to the tolling bell
Of a worn out world’s last yell

Who is the bringer of the coming storm?
Who is the last victim that we now condemn?
Who is the demon there in human form
That’s kneeling down in worship to the requiem
For the locust swarm?

There’s a rotten smell of the mound
A bitter taste of mortality.
Fertility gone unsound
The recipe to our grave
Unnecessary necessities
Human kind now enslaved

Who is the serpent of the paradise?
Who is the snake tongue that now joins the requiem
For the locust swarm?

2. Halls And Chambers

Victims of the renascence might
Screamed in the dead of night
The horror, the terror
Ruler in Machiavellian days
Stole all their days away
To darkness, to sadness

I still see painful eyes,
I still hear distant sighs
Among shadows lingering on

Gaze up high into the open sky
From these halls and chambers
To the moon and to the winds I cry

Soul’s aglow in the darkest of hue
Miseries are still undue
Forever and ever
I caress the thickening air
And all memories it bear
With yearning and longing

Far behind these castle walls
Glories and virtues fall
Fall for the lunacy
Deep inside where the time weep
Tyranny is fast asleep
In shadows, in echoes

Dim is the day for grim and the grey
As destiny’s proven unfair
Fair as a fay is the dawning of the day
At which I forlornly do gaze

3. Black Moon Rising

Seek the golden key
That open blessed doors
Seek it high and seek it low,
Cherish it forever more
Heaven’s out of reach
For fondling hands of yours
Turn around and burn your eyes,
Don’t look back as shadows dies

Sworn to shed no more tears
Another El Dorado yet appears

On burning wings you fly
Into dead horizon
The sun sets forever more
Do you see the black moon rising?

Dance to the rhythm of fire
The flames will make you blind
Ascend the rainbow way up high
To the crest where dreamers die
Through the desert of discontent
In his hour of need,
Walks the fool on a wicked trail
Lost in dunes chasing his own trail

4. Scoundrel And The Squire

Reaper and the hangman
Together hand in hand
Their hungry eyes are prowling
Across this our virgin land

Monger and the black sheep
Bonded in heresy
Ruling from shadows behind the stage
In this sinful symphony
Thief and enticer
Brothers side by side,
Panning the rivers for traces of gold
With starry eyes so blind

The scoundrel and the squire
In hidden infamy
Are clad in a robe of glory’s glare
By light of false chivalry

Tempter and the weak man
For whom tomorrow mourn
Are sowing the seed for the future grief
As told in the script of the scorn
Master and the slave now
Choking by their own hands
The treasures slipping through their fingers
Like sand
In their victory quite not so grand

5. Wasteland

For the hot for the cold
For the brave and bold
We’re emerging out of the condemnation.
In the fire, in the ice
In the faith of sunrise
Breaking chains in the name of our liberation

Naked in the storm
And touched by the flames
Now we’re breaking free
Out of this wasteland
Cast to purgatory,
Thrown out to the beast
Strived from dusk to dawn
Out of this wasteland

Through the storm, through the breeze
Through the night’s disease
Every mortal fear and anguish set aside
Take the left, take the right
Take the path to daylight
Walking past the void with a new found pride

6. In Ruins

From a clear blue sky
A sudden bolt came crashing down
Cracking all around, shaking the solid ground
The fortress of solitude
Was torn and shattered for the wind
Sunlight far away, fortune had gone astray

Into the crystal ball
Gazing with empty eyes he sighed
As one’s heaven fall
There’s no place to run nor hide

In ruins are the pillars of Eden

Dark clouds of misery
Came in and blurred the mind
Sharpest eyes gone blind, reasons they could not find
Uncertain prophecies
Distorted every sound thought
The vision seeking men fought through the lion’s den

Choirs of angels was drowned
By the sound of crumbling mountains one by one
The march of the demons had so now begun
Yesterday’s world was soon undone

How far to salvation?
How far to the promised land
Where the eclipse no more refuses us the light?
How far to salvation?
How far to a healing hand
That can mend the broken dream
And carry us out of the night?

7. At The Jester's Ball

I am the prince of hypocrisy
An apostle of the lies
Do as I say not as I do,
I’m only playing dice
Hear the words of the prophecy
In my gospel of swarming flies

I am dancing in the waltz
Come join in, one and all
We will all compete at the jester’s ball
For a seat at curtain call

In front of the virtuous mirror
Blinded men leads the way
Onto the altar at the judgement day
Living in self delusion,
Disciples of the deceit
Self nominated, the paragon elite

Play me a tune of ideology
A noble marching song
Though I am slightly out of key
I’ll try to sing along
The chorus speak of our doomsday
And all the things it deem wrong

8. There's A Crow On The Barrow

There’s a crow on the barrow
Saddest of figures in grey
Guardian of the royal grave
Ancient legends say
There’s a moan from upon the hill
Clad in a silvery light
Dweller of a forgotten tomb,
Dormant heathen might

Croaking at the autumn sky
An accolade in the wind
Carried to the ones up high

There’s a crow on the barrow
Silently spying into the dark
There’s a crow on the barrow
Secretly scowling into the black autumn night

There’s a present calmness so dense,
A bower of eternal peace
Vague shadows in reverence
Like breezes through the trees
Echoes of the ceremony
Flashes of silver and gold
Offerings of beast and slaves
While odes and legends told

9. Dawning Of A Sombre Age

From the open range they hailed
Living free as the wind,
Children of the vast plains
The hunter became the prey
As their land slipped away
Into the bleeding horizon

Empty promises of snake tongues
Poisonous, venomous lies!

Dawning of the sombre age

In black the days were hung
When ancient ways denied
Struggling in chain and in shackles
Refused the native tongue
Losing identity
Once of pride and of power

10. Age Of Runes

Fates now faded from a twilight time
When heathen hearts whitened and waned
Told in tongues in riddles and in rhymes
Treading in times when runes did reign
Winds do whisper of fame and fortune,
The stone is standing for pagan pride
For bonds of blood the widow wept,
Her kindred kept her tears in tide

During the sacred tunes
There is steel to the stone
Raised in the age of runes
Oh memorial throne

Grand the granite carved and cut
The mourner’s monument of stone by steel
In sinuous serpents from a mason’s mind
The fortunate find what the runes reveal
Read the red and taste the tales
Hearken the hammers beating blows
Solemnly singing from the yesteryears
Of tales and tears and a widow’s woe

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